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Description of Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time is a unique online gaming show based on the successful "Dream Catcher" money wheel concept in real time. This has taken the interactive fun to a new, crazy level, thanks to four exciting bonus games with the ability to add multipliers from the Top Slot every round. Innovative technologies with interactive elements enable the player to win multipliers in any games.

Crazy Time Live features advanced "Random Number Generator" (RNG) gameplay, allowing for a unique real-time gaming experience, hitting a new high every time with multipliers up to x25000 .

The essence of the game Crazy Time

Get ready to immerse yourself in the most addictive game ever created! Crazy Time is a real show filled with animation and various bonus games. It is interesting not only to play, but also to watch!

The action taking place in Crazy Time Live takes us to a large, colorful studio that houses the wheel, with four additional bonus games - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

The whole gameplay is built around the wheel and crazy, fast-paced rounds. To participate, all you need to do is place a bet on one of the numbers, 1, 2, 5 and 10, or choose one of the bonus games, in two of which the player will have to make a very decision that will allow them to win big and hit the jackpot!

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Features and description of the game Crazy Time

A bright huge reel decorated in different colors is divided into 54 sectors, each of which contains a number, as well as one of 4 bonus games. They will be distributed unevenly, as well as evaluated differently. See how the payout ratios for each sector can be arranged:

  • number 1 is located on 21 sectors, with a payout of 1x the bet
  • number 2 is located on 13 sectors, with a payout of 2x the bet
  • the number 5 is located on 7 sectors, increasing the bet 5x
  • the number 10 has 4 sectors, multiplying the bet by 10x;
  • Coin Flip bonus game is located on 4 sectors, with the maximum possible win x5000
  • the bonus game Cash Hunt is located on 2 sectors with the maximum possible win x10000
  • Pachinko bonus game is on 2 sectors with the maximum possible win x10000
  • Crazy Time bonus game occurs only 1 time, allowing you to win x20000 as a maximum
  • Minimum bet

The chances of the bonus games falling out are 16% - that is 9/54. Thus, it turns out that they fall out on every 6-7 spins. Of course, in practice, not everything is so simple. This is due to the fact that the leader rotates the wheel each time in different, opposite directions. Let's take a closer look at the features of this exciting, addictive real-time game.

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Crazy Time Live Bonus Games

The chances of landing bonus games are 16% - that is 9/54. Thus, it turns out that they fall out on every 6-7 spins. Of course, in practice, not everything is so simple. This is due to the fact that the leader rotates the wheel each time in different, opposite directions. Let's take a closer look at the features of this exciting, exciting Live game in real time.


One of the unique features in Crazy Time Live is the Top Slot. This is a slot located on top of the money wheel, containing 2 reels and 1 payline. On the first reel there is a certain place for bets containing a number or a bonus game. The second is a multiplier that goes up to 50x. It will be applied with the corresponding bet, increasing your win or multiplier in any bonus round.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

This game is not a virtual, but a real coin toss, carried out in the studio with the help of a machine. Either side of the coin is winning and is colored red or blue. Before tossing, a multiplier for each side is randomly selected.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

In this game, you will see a huge screen with 108 random multipliers, which are covered by a random symbol. They are shuffled, after which the player selects the symbol that, in his opinion, contains the largest multiplier. Players choose a specific goal, which means the opportunity to win various prizes.

Pachinko bonus game

In this game, a large wall of Pachinko will open in front of you, with pegs located on it. A shimmering puck crashes down this wall, landing on a multiplier or multiplier that allows you to increase your winnings by giving you a chance to hit again. The maximum possible multipliers in this game do not exceed x10000.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

As the name implies, this is the main cherry on the cake. You are literally transported to another dimension, passing through a mysterious, red door. In it, you will see the unique Tivoli gaming environment, on which there is a money wheel of impressive size, comparable to a Ferris wheel.
You need to select a blue, yellow or green arrow before spinning, indicating a possible winning multiplier. In addition, she may indicate a doubling or even tripling, increasing your bet. And so every time, until your multipliers reach x20000.

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Important game features and rules. How to win at Crazy Time.

The rules of Crazy Time Live game are very simple. You will have access to a certain time, which is called the time of the bet, to decide and make it.

  • The bet size ranges from 0.10 cents to 5000 pounds, which will appeal to both small and large players.
  • The bet is placed on the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10 or four bonus rounds.

You can bet on one or all segments at once. To do this, you will have 15 seconds before the start of the rotation. After that, the leader will rotate the wheel, at the same time as the top slot rotates.

If you win a numerical bet, it will be subjected to the Top Spin multiplier, if possible, after which you will receive your winnings. In case of loss, the game will continue again, as we mentioned above.

  • Minimum bet
  • You can bet on all segments
  • 15 seconds to place your bet and win!
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Results, conclusions on the game Crazy Time Live:

This recently released Live Live game with a huge win rate of up to £500,000 offers great opportunities for big wins and exciting expectations. It combines 4 games in one, and is similar to other similar real-time games. This game truly lives up to its name, so every fan of real-time games should give it a try.

How to start playing Crazy Time - Game Launch

It is very easy to start playing the amazing game Crazy Time - we have provided a step-by-step instruction here:


Go to the casino website

Choose any site for the game from our list, we have made a selection of the most suitable and convenient resources for the game.


Search game Crazy Time

Whichever of the sites of licensed casinos you choose to play Crazy Time, finding a game is easy everywhere - you should go to the Live Games section, or use the search by the name of the game.


Registration and data entry for the game

Whichever of the sites of licensed casinos you choose to play Crazy Time, finding a game is easy everywhere - you should go to the Live Games section, or use the search by the name of the game.


Replenishment of the balance and making a deposit

Registration is required before entering the game, go through a simple procedure to secure your account and win.


Claiming the Crazy Time Bonus

Make the required deposit, you can start with a minimum deposit, or deposit more to increase your chances and your winnings.


First bet and Crazy Time winnings

Everything is ready! You can get your Crazy Time first deposit bonus, as well as additional bonuses for being active in the game.

Reviews for Crazy Time

The game Crazy Time has gained immense popularity among players around the world and it's no wonder! After all, this is a bright colorful show that gives emotions, adrenaline and excitement! Just try it and see how high-quality rest can be with Crazy Time !

I did not expect such a big win, I like to relax in the game after work. But on this day, I was lucky! Great game, most importantly everything is fair.


Won 1000x

Great show, beautiful girls! This is a real vacation, I love excitement, and if you also love excitement and adrenaline - you should try CrazyTime


Won 5000x

I play Crazy Time all the time, I work as a driver, and the fact that the game runs great on the phone really helps to pass the time. Recently hit a big jackpot and I can go on vacation.


Won 25x, 5000х

Very good game and bright show. I love gambling and highly recommend this game.


Won 10000x

I play Crazy Time on a smartphone, everything works well.


Won 5000x

FAQ Crazy Time

Frequently asked questions about the game Crazy Time. If you have additional questions - please contact.

  • Crazy Time is the third game created by industry giant Evolution Gaming in the Live Wheels of Fortune series.

  • Crazy Time has an RTP of 96.08% (optimal).

  • While all the bonus rounds are fun and interesting, the games with the highest potential are Pachinko and Crazy Time. This is because these particular games can theoretically produce a number of doubles before finally settling for multipliers.

  • Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Côoin Flip bonus rounds are physical games. Only Crazy Time is played on the virtual wheel.

  • Absolutely! Crazy Time is optimized to work seamlessly across desktops and all mobile devices.

  • You can play for as little as £0.10, up to a maximum of £1,000 (or your currency equivalent). There are chips of such denomination in the game: 0.10; 0.50; fifteen; 25; 100; £500 and £1000, so it's easy to structure your bets according to your overall bankroll.

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Vivid shots of the game - Just look at how many emotions and joy from winning Crazy Time Live .

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