Tactics and strategies in the game Crazy Time

We suggest taking a look at some recommended approaches to the game. Low stakes or high stakes, what approaches other players use to get the best results from spinning the wheel and playing Crazy Time.

Live casino games can be enjoyed regardless of your budget. Just make sure you use the best approach that best suits your budget. And don't forget to play responsibly.

Crazy time stats

Using the Crazy Time "Watch & Wait" strategy, which we will be discussing in this text, is one of the many ways to play Crazy Time. When the game reaches the bonus series, the player's income can be infinite.

Players can view the number of winning sections of the wheel, the percentage of sides, as well as the number of spins since the last winning section. On top of that, you can watch action clips and even see the game live in all its glory.

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Crazy Time Strategy "Watch & Wait"

This Crazy Time strategy can help classify both long and short games. It will appeal to players who like to stretch their minds. Any games are divided into cold and hot, so as an option - use the tab with the history of games, looking at the last 50 spins.

It also displays the real-time average we mentioned. Based on the fact that the bonus can drop every 6th spin, a good strategy would be to structure bets around the bonus sectors, every 3rd-4th spin or according to the current average value.

Alternatively, if this value is more than 6 spins, it would be wiser to wait a little longer and then place a bet, covering each of the bonus sectors.

Of course, this will require patience, but if you can wait for 10 or 15 spins, this is exactly the strategy that allows you to easily pay off all previous bets.

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Of course, this will require patience, but if you can wait for 10 or 15 spins, this is exactly the strategy that allows you to easily pay off all previous bets.

crazy time stats

Crazy Time Tactic "Success in Caution"

This strategy is suitable for those players who do not want to spend their nerves, worrying and worrying a lot. It consists in gradually increasing your winnings, in small steps. Using it, you will gradually increase your deposit, with minimal risk.
The essence of this strategy is to increase the probability of falling out of ordinary sectors, x1, x2, x5. The chances of falling out in total exceed 75%. It turns out that 2 games out of 3 are winning, which allows you to win back the minimum bet.

After that, the sector multiplier, located above the wheel, comes into play. With it, we will be able to earn the most winnings by increasing our game deposit. For example, betting 200 rubles on the x2 sector, using the sector multiplier, we will get x7, which in total is already x14.
Great win, right?

With a standard x2 rate, we have the opportunity to win more on our deposit.

Of course, this is a long process that needs to be taken with all caution, but in the end we enjoy the game and increase the deposit, which is what we were striving for, and with minimal risk.

crazy time statistics

Crazy Time Tactics "The Risk That Justifies the Cost"

This Crazy Time tactic is all about getting the winnings from as many sectors as possible.
To do this, we need to make minimum bets on all sectors at once. Before starting, make sure you have enough funds on deposit to use this tactic. At the same time, the main losses will be covered by small gains.

A large number of bets will increase the chance of getting a bonus round. This is made possible by the fact that bonus games allow you to rack up multipliers up to 25,000x, thereby recouping your investment. Be forewarned, this is the most worrisome strategy compared to the option above, but the payoff is much higher.

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Crazy Time Tactics "The Bold Are Fortune's Favorites"

Another winning strategy in Crazy Time. This is the most risky tactic, suitable only for those players who are not afraid of risks and are confident in their deposit.
Its essence is to bet only on bonus rounds, large bets, without spending a deposit on small sectors, while allowing you to wager significant amounts. Thus, we bring closer the possibility of the cherished Crazy Time sector falling out.

When this sector finally falls out, based on our intuition, we will have the opportunity to choose one of the three arrows, which will make it possible to multiply our winnings.

Martingale strategy

It is simply impossible not to mention the Martingale system when talking about betting strategies. Among the variety of methods used by players in games like roulette, Martingale is the most famous and often used. To use this strategy, you need two things: good balance, and strong nerves. Its essence is to bet on all 4 bonus sectors.

For example, if the starting bet is £0.5 each, the total bet will be £2. In a situation where the bonus fell on the initial bet, you will have to start all over again. But if it does not fall out, you should double the amount of the bet on each segment. For example, our rate was 0.5 pounds for each of the 4 sectors, we increase it to 1 pound. In total, it will be 4 pounds. On the next losing spin, it doubles again and becomes 2 pounds per sector, for a total of 8 pounds.

Continuing to use this strategy, we calculate the average bonus, which will correspond to the following. In the beginning our loss will be 6.34, in the next round 14.4 at a bet of 8 pounds, 30.5 at 16 pounds, 62.6 at 32 and on a winning 6 we will put 64 pounds into the bankroll at 126 total stakes. This strategy is suitable for people with nerves of steel, especially if 0 spins are made without bonuses.

It should be noted that our example only works with the average size of the bonus, every 6th spin. As a result, in the bonus round we will have a game with a bet of 16 pounds. This means that anything that will exceed 8x with the bonus awarded is a profit.

Low volatility strategy

Perhaps this is the best method in game strategy. Its essence lies in a restrained approach and the lowest volatility. To take advantage of this strategy, you will need to distribute bets appropriately across all available options. For example, let's start with a balance of 100 pounds. As we already know, there are only 8 possibilities that you can bet on. It turns out 1, 2, 5, 10 and 4 bonus rounds. By placing £10 on each such spin, we will have 10 games and replenish the bankroll by £100. What is the best way to bet with such a model?

Let's look at an example that allows you to cover 3 games at once - one bonus and two numbered values.

Such a strategy looks like this: at a rate of 2.5 pounds on number 2 - 2:1, at 2.5 pounds on number 5 - the payout will be 5:1. By betting £2 on a coin toss - 4 bonus sectors, £2 in Cash Hunt and Pachinko - 2 bonus sectors. £1 wagered on Crazy Time - 1 £5 return bonus. A larger picture of such bets shows that by winning less than you bet, you get 3-4 bonus rounds on each spin.

The main goal of launching the bonus round is to maintain balance for the longest possible time. With the above strategies, you cannot win more than 10 spins. But with their help, you can double the profit of the initial bet and get some kind of bonus. To adjust the volatility of this style of play, you can cover all the bonus rounds and bet smaller.

You can also change the number 2 to 1 so that the bets begin to cover more sectors on the wheel. Of course, choosing the right strategy plays an important role, so we broke down the percentage of wins so that you can see it visually.

But we have taken one more step so that you can fully optimize your game and increase your chances of winning. Go to the exclusive calculator and choose what you want to bet on, and our unique tool will tell you what the chances of winning are.